Business Affiliates

We understand the importance of having trusted partners in business.  Whether that’s someone you can trust to take care of your home, your yard, your car or your real estate related business, it’s key that those you do business with have ethics, a strong moral compass and can be trusted to take care of you and those that you send to those businesses.

Real Estate Transactions

Al Menconi III
Sr. Vice President – Mortgage Lending
Spirit of Texas Bank

Direct 713.613.1181
Main 713.613.1180
Cell 713.594.9695
Fax 713.688.1187


Matt Albert, NMLS# 658999
Vice President
Mortgage Loan Officer
SunTrust Bank

Mobile: 336.471.1825

Office: 336.412.5333

Fax: 336.316.1994


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